Peter Barton ~ luthier

Customers and comments

I have built over 200 instruments supplying customers in the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Holland, Australia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. Many are professional guitarists and teachers,some concert performers and others part time musicians who just love to play a beautiful instrument.


The very popular Kate Rusby has been playing one of my steel string guitars since 1997. She now has two guitars in the OM style and I also recently made a parlour guitar in the Panormo style for her in Koa and spruce.

ladislav Blaha a fine concert player from the Czech Republic has played one of my classical guitars since 1993 and has toured extensively in Europe and USA. Nikita Koshkin, well known Russian composer also plays one of my classical guitars.

A few quotes from customer;

“It’s a wonderful instrument, she has better and better sound, high tones particularly and register of colours is so rich” Petra(Czech Rep)

“Superb, light and superb. She is sweet and clean enough to help me in difficult polyphonic works. Jean ( France)

“ The guitar is wonderful. The depth and breadth of sound is so good” David (UK)

“I never felt so relaxed and in control. No guitar plays itself but this is damn near to it. It does exactly what you ask it to; but with love.There is a wonderful bright open sound that just feels so clear and true” Bob (UK)

“I’m absolutely amazed at the craftsmanship and quality of the timber. Both David and I have played the guitar tonight and we are both in awe of the evenness of sound across the frequencies and the rich timbre.” Dominic (UK)

“For the past few days I’ve been playing simple melodic lines on the Barton – just to listen to and feel the resonances and harmonics. Stunningly clean and… the harmonics…wow ! “ Alex (UK)

“I absolutely adore the new guitar, I’ve been sat playing it every chance I get. Three people have offered to buy it off me too, so I’ve been guarding it with my life” Kate (UK)

Just to let you know the guitars is fantastic, I am very pleased with it, it has already learnt all my repertoire and is playing it  far better than I can!!! Chris (UK)

“I am delighted with the new guitar.  Until I sat down and played it  in my usual environment here at home, I hadn't realised just how much greater the sustain, especially on the trebles, is by comparison with my Marcelino LopezThe 640 mm scale length makes all the difference in playability for me The tuners work beautifully and the quality of your workmanship on the guitar is superb” Steve (UK)

“The instrument is developing and “opening out” beautifully in the few weeks that I have played it. It has been admired both physically and musically by many people already.” Martin (UK)

A little over a month since I took delivery from Stafford of a new guitar lovingly made by you. I am no expert but my teacher said "you only need one guitar and this is the one to keep, sell the rest". I don't think I shall be selling the Aram, Gee, Ambridge and Smallman etc. just yet. But it is true. Construction, wood, action and sound - as good as it gets. Many many thanks. Peter Sorton

Peter Barton is a brilliant artist- craftsman ; his materials are impeccable, his workmanship extraordinary. His guitars are a joy to play; their sound is pure and true. The professional performaer and the discerning amateur alike need lookj no further than this master luthiers’s workshop for a peerless instrument. David Taplin (Huddersfield)

Just thought I'd let you know my guitar is sounding absolutely fantastic!! Alex Dunsmore