Peter Barton ~ luthier
peter barton in his workshop

PETER BARTON GUITARS : est 1986 in Addingham West Yorkshire


I hope you will enjoy looking through the information and photographs of my work.

In 25 years of fulltime making and restoring fretted instruments I have established a very good reputation for making high quality acoustic instruments.

I have a good stock of some of the finest and most beautiful tonewoods and strive for the highest standards of craftsmanship. That said, the joy of this work is that there are so many different aspects to guitar making there is always something new to learn.

I try to keep a photographic record of most of the work I carry out and have recently added a new link to a website to display these albums which I hope to be able to update fairly regularly.

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The real job satisfaction comes from hearing one of my instruments played in concert and a recent example of that is the beautiful playing of Asya Selyutina which you can see here on a you tube clip.